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James Fibre Protector Eco


James Fibre Protector Eco is a unique fibre protector that is free of fluorocarbons. It is even food safe and has Ökotex 100 certification for the safety of humans, animals and the environment.

The product can be used on all natural and synthetic materials, but James only recommends the use on more sensitive materials such as viscose, silk, bamboo, nettle, cotton, etc. These materials benefit from a fibre protector, while the synthetic and woolen fibres better cannot be protected. With stain removal on these materials you will benefit more from not treating the surface and with the right James products you will be able to successfully remove more stains.

The consumption is 30-100ml / m² (depending on the absorption of the material) and an additional 10ml / m² per centimer thickness of the material. With the recommended materials you will therefore be able to treat approximately 100 - 200 m².

Tip: the Jerrycan tap is great for easy usage.


10 L


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