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James Extra Gloss (can)


James Extra Gloss creates a high-gloss protective layer on your vinyl, PVC, linoleum, rubber or natural and artificial stone flooring.

This product offers the following features:

  • Removable, polyurethane improved protective layer extends the life of your floor
  • Small scratches and superficial damages only develop in the protective layer, not in your floor and thus are repairable
  • James Extra Gloss is dirt-repellent
  • Gives your floor a high-gloss appearance
  • One canister sufficient for approximately 200 m2
  • Tip: the Jerrycan tap is great for easy usage

Before applying this product on your (new) floor, or if, in course of time, you want to apply a new layer; you first have to clean the floor with James Basic Cleaner.

For the daily cleaning and maintenance of your floor you may preferably use James Floor Cleaner Clean & Quick dry.


10 L


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