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Revolutionär: James Faserschutz Eco! Die geruchlose und harmlose Alternative zu bestehenden Faserschutz Mitteln auf dem Markt. Mit dem gleichen Effekt, ohne Schadstoffe. 

Waren Sie mit dem Wohnwagen oder Wohnmobil im Urlaub? Lageren Sie ihn sauber und frisch!

17 August 2021

Been on holiday with the caravan or motor home? Park it clean and fresh!

It's summertime! Maybe you've already been on the road with your caravan or motor home, or you've got a nice trip planned ahead; driving towards the free life, enjoying nature and culture...

At James, we are huge fans of the 'free life' and we understand that your house on wheels deserves all the attention it needs, so you can enjoy it even better and longer. We like to think along with you and that’s why we’ve put together a special package for the yearly recurring ritual; the winterisation of your caravan or camper.

In this blog you can read which James products you can use for the protection, maintenance & stain-removal of your caravan or motor home.

James Fibre protector Eco (500ml)

James Fibre Protector Eco is a unique, invisible, odourless and environmentally friendly fibre protector, free of hazardous substances (such as fluorocarbons). It protects all textiles, microfibre and (artificial) leather and makes them water- and dirt-resistant. It is also UV-stable: the coating will not be affected by UV radiation.

Examples of areas of application:

  • Furniture covered with fabric or (imitation) leather, including microfibre
  • Tent fabric (polyester and cotton)

James Interior Cleaner (500ml)

James Interior Cleaner is a maintenance product to keep carpet, upholstery or (painted) leather nice and fresh. It removes skin fat and general pollution, "smudging".

Examples of areas of application:

  • Seat coverings (general dirt and skin oils)
  • Central console armrest (skin oils)
  • Steering wheel, gear lever (skin oils, becomes shiny after a while)
  • Door trim (skin oils)
  • Inside of windows (fingerprints, skin oils) spotlessly clean
  • Floor mats (general soiling from shoes, pets)
  • Headliner (fingerprints)
  • Cupboards, surfaces (fingerprints, skin oils, general soiling)
  • In short; James Interior Cleaner can make your interior look like new again!

James Stainwonder (250ml)

James Stainwonder is a water-based stain-remover for persistent stains, suitable for carpet and upholstery fabric (not for leather). Think of coffee, red wine, blood, soft drinks, etc.

James Stainspray (250ml)

James Stainspray is a stain remover for persistent oil and grease based stains, suitable for carpet and upholstery fabric (not for leather). Think of shoe polish, oil, tar, resin, glue residues, paint, jeans, etc.

These James products can be found in the following sets: the Set James Textile and the Premium Set James Textile. Also included are a James Staindisc and a cotton cloth, both free of charge!
The products are also available separately.

Are you already getting excited? Get everything for (your second) home to keep your caravan or camper nice and clean!

The James team wishes everyone a lovely summer, full of fun and new adventures!

Waren Sie mit dem Wohnwagen oder Wohnmobil im Urlaub? Lageren Sie ihn sauber und frisch!